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Opening times as of 18 May 2020

As of 18th May 2020, Estonian CAA’s office at Lõõtsa 5 is again open at more regular times. Still, we kindly ask to schedule all appointments (date and time) with according inspectors in advance:


Pilots, cabin crew and exams: Anne-Ly Käi (6103574,

Air traffic controllers and AFIS officers Eve Härm (55540734 or 6103562,

Maintenance engineers and technicians: Imbi Ots (6103569,


Upon arrival, please ring the doorbell and you will be guided through the back door (not the main entrance) to the according inspector. If the door is not opened, please call at 610 3500.


If possible, we kindly ask to wear your own personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), if that is not possible, we can provide them on the spot. Wearing a mask is mandatory if the visit lasts longer than 15 minutes.


Concerning examinatsions please contact