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Tasks, mission, vision and values

Estonian Civil Aviation Administration (ECAA) is a government agency which operates within the area of government of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which has a directing function, exercises state supervision and applies enforcement powers of the state on the bases and to the extent prescribed by law.


Principal tasks of ECAA are:


  • exercising state supervision over the compliance with the requirements deriving from legal acts regulating the field of activity of ECAA and, where necessary, applying enforcement powers and extrajudicial processing of misdemeanours.


  • participation in the preparation of draft legal acts concerning its area of activities, making proposals on the amendments and revision of the legal acts, including the improvement of Estonian-language terminology.


  • participation in the development of policies, strategies and development plans in its area of activities; preparation and implementation of projects in its area of activities, including the participation in preparation and implementation of international projects.



To carry out its principal tasks ECAA:

  • co-operates with other government agencies, local government agencies , foundations, non-profit organisations, business- and consumer organisations and appropriate agencies of other states and international organisations pursuant to procedure provided by law
  • in concordance with the Ministry, represents Estonia in international aviation organisations and appropriate standardisation organisations
  • participates in meeting the commitments of the Republic of Estonia deriving form international agreements in the field of its activities
  • observes and assesses the objectives achieved in the field of its activities and carrying out its principal tasks and notifies the Aviation and Maritime Department of the Ministry thereof
  • informs the public and the individuals concerned on the developments, changes and the objectives achieved in its area of activities
  • resolves the complaints and disputes and processes reports in its area of activities; participates in legal proceedings within the limits of competence
  • issues operating licenses, qualification certificates and other similar documents pursuant to procedure provided by legal acts
  • counsels individuals in the matters related to its field of activities
  • systematically co-ordinates the improvement of Estonian-language terminology in its field of activities
  • keeps its homepage in internet, on which it publishes information relevant to its field of activity



Our vision

To ensure aviation safety we are holding highest professional competency, are acknowledged and a forward-looking organisation.

Our mission

Together with our partners we develop a safe and
environmentally sustainable aviation.


 Our Principal Values:

  • Professionalism – we maintain and develop our expertise, we value professional competence, we set a pattern for others.

  • Collaboration – we are results-oriented, developing aviation we value our partner expectations, we value teamwork and solidarity, we keep promises, we acknowledge initiative.

  • Consideration – we care about ourselves, our colleagues and partners, we value motivating work environment and work-life balance.

  • Openness – we value honesty and transparency, we are innovative.